Tracy McIntyre
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Tracy McIntyre is the Principal at Rural Economic Designs, LLC in Eureka, Montana. Loving Montana and striving to make a difference every day.

Current Position


Rural Economic Designs





Specialty Areas
  • Community Organizer
  • Non-Profit
  • Consulting
  • Fundraising

Project Management, Fund Development, Grant Writing and Administration, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Infrastructure planning & implementation, and Networking

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I have been in Leadership since my teenage years.  As one of the first 4-H Ambassadors in the State in High School I was actively involved in 4-H and many other organizations growing up.   In college, my nonprofit management background started with being employed by the 4-H Foundation and the MSU Foundation where I was responsible for raising funds and hosting a number of events.

For the last several years, after returning to my family farm in Eureka, I have been the Executive Director of Eureka Rural Development Partners until December of 2015.   I left the non-profit world, after 20 years, to pursue my own entrepreneurship dream.  I  started a consulting company Rural Economic Designs, LLC and focus on leadership, strategic planning, and project development for organizations and communities; focusing on rural areas.   Over my career I have worked on sewer, water, trails, roads, and building projects each of which I was instrumental in financing through fundraising (private and public) and oversaw all public interactions and communications.  I also was actively involved in a number of community events including leading the Eureka Rendezvous Days for three years  with over 3,000 people in attendance.

As a Montana State Ambassador, appointed by Governor Steve Bullock in 2013, I have been able to expand my passion for Montana and try to represent rural communities on a statewide level.   I also am engaged in the Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) and served on the Leadership Executive Team for the last several years, including two years as president. I tend to approach issues/obstacles with outside the box thinking based on finding solutions.  It is about understanding what the heart of the matter is and working together to find solutions that better our communities.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I love networking and supporting people across our state.  Though traveling from Eureka sometimes is challenging, I would love the opportunity to interact and learn from others in the PowerHouse network as well as share the knowledge I have.   I enjoy presenting to large groups as well as doing one on one mentoring.  I think the opportunity for Montana Women to support and grow with each other is extremely powerful and a program I’d love to be more involved with.

Other Information

Living in Eureka, provides some challenges from time to time but living on my family farm with my parents house only 300 yards from me is incredible. I’m truly blessed that I now get to work from home (minus when I’m traveling) and can step outside for walks on the acreage I grew up playing on.

I love this State and want to be part of the future of Montana.  I see us having a lot of opportunities but also a number of challenges especially in the rural areas.  My passion is to find the middle ground and make tomorrow a better place for our future generations.

I also enjoy fishing, taking long drives in my Jeep with my dog, spending summer evenings on my parents porch sipping a cold beverage, campfires with friends, and all the other amazing activities this great State has to offer.   My friends will often find me on my down time with a good book or exploring a historical site.

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