Mary Byron
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I'm a retired technology executive now focused full-time on my service work in between hikes in the Beartooth Mountains.

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Leadership development, Technology strategy and design, Great listener

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Leadership Experience

I have led teams as small as 5 and as large as 3,000 to accomplish big, audacious goals.   I was based in Tokyo during the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 and led the business recovery efforts in the aftermath as well as having lead our technology recovery efforts 10 years earlier in NYC in the wake of the 9/11 attack.   So I don’t scare easily and have strong crisis management experience.

I’ve coached and mentored dozens of women and men to find their path to success as they envision it and enjoy making that contribution.

I have been an excellent translator of technology strategy to business leaders, detailed project manager and stable operator of complex systems.   I can architect, design, build, deploy and operate systems and my strongest preference was in the design and build phases although designing operational process is a close second.


How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

If you’d like someone to listen when you have sense your not being heard in the way you want to be or that your measures of success seem different than the expectations around you.  I am good at validating what might be you and what might be the mistaken views of women in leadership around you.

If you have questions about whether your technology strategy, operations, etc make sense for your business strategy.


Other Information

This is the public bio I use:

Mary Byron is a retired partner in the Technology Division at Goldman, Sachs.   Mary left Goldman after 25 years where she started her career as a network engineer.   She held many roles within the  Technology Division including CIO for the Asia Pacific Region, CTO and most recently Head of Technology for the Corporate Functions including Risk, Finance, Operations and Human Resources.   Mary continues to be an advocate for inclusion having served as the senior sponsor for the division’s Women in Technology (WIT) Network and senior ally for the LGBT network.  In Asia, Mary co-chaired the region’s diversity committee creating local leadership sponsor programs and cross-cultural agility training.  Mary now focuses on investing in and advising start-ups with a focus on women entrepreneurs.   She recently relocated full-time to her ranch in south central Montana where she is engaged in helping develop summer technology camps on the Flathead Reservation.  She is an active philanthropist and serves as Chair Elect of the Board of Directors of the Auburn Theological Seminary, Treasurer of the Board of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, Director on the Global board for Room to Read and a member of the UUA Audit Committee and Commission on Institutional Change.