Kate Van Genderen
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A historian, art historian, writer, photographer, epic pie baker. I devour books as though they were meals and will never stop learning.

Current Position

Graduate Student

University of Victoria





Specialty Areas
  • History
  • Arts - Visual
  • Arts - Literature/Spoken Word
  • Government
  • Humanities
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Technical writing, editing, research, photography, communications, social media, traveling cheaply.

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I started my own chocolate making business in middle school called Kate’s Konfectionery (very clever, I know). I handled (almost) every aspect of the business, from taking custom orders, making the chocolate and other confections, wrapping, packaging, and delivery. My parents helped me calculate how much to charge per pound and helped me find supplies and drive me to the store to purchase goods, as I could not legally drive yet. A percentage of profit went to the Lewis & Clark Humane Society at Christmas, and I contracted with a local business for bulk orders of chocolate. This business went on for over five years, and I closed it when I entered college.

I recently completed writing my 27,000 word Master’s degree thesis about Evelyn Cameron, an incredible Montana woman from England who taught herself photography and kept an extensive private diary. I gathered sources, read thousands of pages, eliminated resources, and managed with the help of my amazing thesis supervisor to put together a well-written, compelling piece of writing that I will be proud of forever. 18 months of reading, writing, and editing has paid off! I’m starting to write a manuscript at the urging of my supervisor, so perhaps in a few years y’all will see a new book about her!

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

You want any information about graduate school, getting funding, how to figure out what you want to study/write your thesis on. I’ve got information about studying in other countries as well if you ever wanted to know about studying in Europe or Canada.

If you want any help or ideas about traveling the world or want some help planning a trip. I know a lot about cheap airlines, hostels, AirBnB’s, train travel, and great (cheap!) places to explore!

If you ever want to make a pie or create a neat recipe together. Or go hiking, on a long walk, or a photography adventure, or even just want to grab a beer or a glass of wine somewhere!

If you need anybody to look over a paper, a thesis, a manuscript, or any piece of writing for editing or other feedback! I was a teaching assistant in graduate school and I’ve had to learn so much about the editing process getting my thesis together, I’d love to help anybody else out!





Other Information

I run a pretty wicked blog full of recipes, food, hiking, and photos called The Photographist.