Kara Tripp
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Hello, My name is Kara Tripp, my company is Damsel Fly Fishing. Working towards creating a lifestyle brand for the female angler.

Current Position


Damsel Fly Fishing





Specialty Areas
  • Trailblazer
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Teaching and educating people on the thrills of fly fishing, design, the double haul, Networking, customer service

More Information:

Leadership Experience

The leadership experience that I am most proud of was my 8 years running an overnight fly fishing camp for kids and families.  Working outdoors and educating staff members on ways to communicate all the different aspects of fly fishing to our clients all the while making it fun. Being the leader of a camp that helped kids and families grow closer to each other and nature has been rewarding and fulfilling.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

At the moment, I see myself for other Women Powerhouses to share success and failure with, as well as mentoring other female entrepreneurs as I move from an inexperienced to experienced entrepreneur.

It would also be amazing to offer the the Women of the Foundation opportunities to feel empowered by participating in the activity of fly fishing. Just being able to share with them the positive effects of engaging with a river, stream, lake or ocean via fly fishing gives me goosebumps!