Janis “J.J.” Fox Walburn
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The best piece of advice I ever received was, "Don't wait until you know who you are to get started. Just start." So I did.

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FlyGirls Media





Specialty Areas
  • Design / Marketing

Photoshop; WordPress; Photography; Content Strategy; Blogging

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Leadership is an interesting challenge for self-employed business owners and solopreneurs. It’s a daily challenge being the CEO, CFO, COO and day laborer all in one!

Leadership is requirement for any self-employed or small business owner because it involves successfully managing skills such as; Communication, Commitment, Risk-taking, Motivation, and Responsibility. All these traits are needed to take on the challenge of working independently.

Regardless of the size of the organization, for me the real key skill for leadership is Leading by Example. It’s the narrative of how you live your life that gets reflected in how you run your business.

What are your Values? How do you treat others? Why do you do What you do?

My leadership experience comes from the clients I have the pleasure to work with. With each new project comes the opportunity to build stronger professional networks, create personal relationships and help others succeed in their business.

And if things don’t go as planned or partnerships fall apart, there’s always the opportunity to learn something from each experience and carry the lessons forward to the next one.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I have no clue.

Which means I am open to all ideas.

I’d be glad to share, present, talk, listen, mentor, design or just provide the coffee.

{ What I’m not good at is event planning, so I’ll leave that skill to the professionals. }